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Becoming a Member
Investment of Money
Deduction of Fees
Becoming a Member

Who may join the Retirement Fund?
All new employees who join the Civil Service fro 1 July 1999 automatically become members of the new Retirement Fund.


Who else is a member of the Retirement Fund?
There are special arrangements for those employees who joined the Civil Service before 1 July 1999. Depending on their age and service at 30 June 1999, they may have transferred to the Retirement Fund, or they may have stayed with the Civil Service Pension Scheme.


What is the process for joining the Fund?

Step 1 Complete and sign the Membership Application form.
Step 2 Once you have completed and signed the Membership Application form, send it to the Retirement Fund Board

Step 3

The Chief Executive Officer will send you a letter confirming your membership of the Fund, and explaining your benefits in the Fund.


How does the Fund work?
Your Fund operates under laws established through an Act of Parliament (The Retirement Fund Act 1998). These laws set out the benefits, duties and obligations of you (the member), your employer (the Government of Tonga), and the Retirement Fund Board.

This Pamphlet and other communication that you will receive while a member of the Fund will inform you of your benefits, but if any doubt arises as to your benefits, the Act has final authority as the only document that is legally binding on the Fund.

The Retirement Fund is an accumulation fund. An accumulation fund works like a savings account in the bank:

Your opening Balance in the Fund


Your own contributions to the Fund


The Governments contributions to the Fund


Administrative Fees & Charges


Interest earned through the Investment of the Fund's


Your accumulated balance when a Benefit is payable



Who are the people and organisations involved in running your Fund?

What is it?  Who is it? What do they do?

The Principal Employer

The Government

The Government pays contributions into the Fund for you

The Retirement Fund Board

Consists of five people—three are appointed by the Government and two are elected by you, the members, to represent your interests

The people on the Retirement Fund Board run your fund according to the Retirement Fund Act 1998. They delegate some of their work to specialist organisations, but it is their responsibility to ensure that among other things, the money in your Fund is invested well, your benefits are paid correctly and that you are kept well informed about your benefits.

The Investment Manager(s)

The Retirement Fund Board appoints professional investment managers to help invest the Fund’s assets.

The Insurer

The insurance company provides death benefits to members

The Auditor

The Fund Auditor is responsible for auditing the Fund every year to ensure that the finances of the Fund are being legally and securely managed for you, the members.

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