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Becoming a Member
Investment of Money
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Investment of Money

How does my money earn Interest in the Fund?
The Fund earns interest by pooling together every member’s contributions and investing the total assets of the Fund in a number of different asset class. These include shares (also known as equities), property, fixed interest securities and cash. Interest is then credited to your accounts at rates that are declared by the Retirement Fund Board from time to time.


Who invests the Fund’s assets?
The Retirement Fund Board appoints professional investment managers who have the technical knowledge, expertise and experience required to invest your Fund’s assets.


How is the interest rate decided and credited to my accounts?
On 1 July each year (this date is known as the Fund Review Dates), the Retirement Fund Board decides what rate of interest (known as an Earning Rate) to credit to your accounts. The Retirement Fund Board is guided by the Fund’s investment earning when making this decision.

The Board also decides on a rate of interest (called an interim crediting rate) to use between the Review Dates to calculate benefits for eligible members.


How do I keep track of how much interest my accounts have earned?
Twice a year the Retirement Fund will send you a personal Member Benefits Advice that shows you how much interest has been credited to your accounts.

*We use the term “interest” loosely for the sake of simplicity, but the term “investment income” is a more accurate description.

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